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Loving vs. Liking

I’m on a 9+ week vacation.  For the beginning my best friend is with me the first week and my parents are with me the first two weeks.  All I’ve been able to think about these first few days is “boy, I wish I wouldn’t have invited anyone to go with me”.  It’s been a […]

Rough Journey; Fun Day

After a nearly sleepless night, I’ve made it to Belize.  My parents flew from Phoenix to Houston via Los Angeles and my best friend flew from San Francisco to Houston via Las Vegas.  I was lucky enough to get a direct flight from Seattle to Houston.  Once there we flew on to Belize City before […]

Holy Cow…What a Day

Today was filled with stress, sadness, and fear…but, most of all excitement.  As I write this, I’m sitting at Sea-Tac airport waiting to board my flight to Houston and on to Belize.  This will be my first destination in the coming nine weeks. The stress was about ensuring that I got everything done and didn’t […]

A Punch in the Gut

A couple of weeks ago I had a bad experience with a furnace technician.  He was supposed to be at my house sometime between 8am and noon.  At 1130am, I got a call saying he wouldn’t make it by noon and they wouldn’t provide a new estimate.  They wanted to reschedule my service to the […]

Thankful Thursday: Baking

I rarely bake, but tonight was an exception.  I wanted to bake cookies for my co-workers.  They are the ones that will be covering for me while I’m on my extended vacation and I really appreciate it. I bake so infrequently that I forget how much I enjoy it.  There is something therapeutic and relaxing […]