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Life Makeover: Emotional Energy Drains

After sitting down and really thinking about it, there are a few tasks in my life that are completely zapping my emotional energy.  None of these tasks are terribly difficult, but I haven’t been able to get them off my “to-do” list in quite some time.  Maybe if I publically acknowledge them, I’ll make some […]

Life Makeover: My Positive Affirmation

This week’s assignment for Cheryl Richardson’s Life Makeover is all about creating a positive affirmation.  It needs to be posted in a location in which it will be seen regularly.  I’m thinking of posting mine on my bathroom mirror, refrigerator, and in my car. I’ve chosen a general affirmation because I need to heed this […]

Life Makeover: Accomplishments

Several years ago I came across the book “Life Makeover” by Cheryl Richardson.  I’ve started and stopped the process of working through the 52 weeks in this book several times.  My stopping has never been because of the material.  I find the approach worthwhile and simple to follow.  In most cases I’ve stopped because I […]