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Already Missing Them

I leave home for 9 weeks this Saturday.  I have a lot to do between now and then.  Most of what I have left to do is stressful last minute details.  I have to get all my year-end work projects wrapped up by Friday and at home I have to do just about everything. Schedule […]

Feeling Disappointed

I invited a bunch of friends over to “kick me out of the country” since I leave on my grand adventure exactly one week from today.  I wanted to see my friends one more time before I left.  I’ll miss all of them along with my family and my furry kids (Kinley and Aker).  I […]

Stormy Weather

Does anyone else enjoy sitting inside, under a warm blanket, with the fireplace roaring on a stormy day?  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. Today is a blustery day in Western Washington.  Low clouds, constant rain, and relentless wind.  My plan was to get some writing done at Starbucks this morning…one of my favorite places […]