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Holy Cow…What a Day

Today was filled with stress, sadness, and fear…but, most of all excitement.  As I write this, I’m sitting at Sea-Tac airport waiting to board my flight to Houston and on to Belize.  This will be my first destination in the coming nine weeks. The stress was about ensuring that I got everything done and didn’t […]

Dreaming Big

Have you ever had a dream so big you were afraid to even think about it? Fearful that if you thought about it too much you’d be disappointed since it seems so impossible? I’ve had one of those kinds of dreams for a long time. As I write this post I’m worried that I might […]

I’m Scared and Excited

I actually posted this on my Travel and Adventure blog today, but thought it was fitting here as well. This weekend I passed the two week mark leading up to my grand adventure.  In only have 12 days until I board the plane for Belize and won’t return home until I’ve been to Belize, Japan, […]

Action before Motivation

Right after I wrote yesterday’s post about “struggling with inspiration” I read a post from a friends blog in which she talks about “action before motivation”.  She was actually referring to not wanting to go to the gym, but it totally resonated with me.  And, the NaBloPoMo is forcing me to live this quote. I […]

A Hard Time About Time-off

Time off from work is earned.  Seems obvious, right?  But lately I’ve been given a really hard time about my extended vacation.  I’m not sure how people think I’m able to take so much time off (nine weeks), but the answer is “I earned it”. I’ve heard it all… From an human resources employee – […]