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Traveling Alone

I LOVE traveling alone.  This doesn’t mean that I like being alone when I travel.  To me there is a big difference. I’m currently on a trip with a friend.  I’ll be vacationing for three weeks; she goes home after the first week.  And, I’m actually looking forward to her leaving.  It’s not because I […]

Getting the Message

How long does it take to get the message that someone doesn’t appreciate a friendship as much as you do?  For me the answer is way too long.  I’m persistent…or, stubborn…and, even though I try hard I have expectations/hopes of others. I have a “friend” who has disappointed me so many times and yet I […]

Having Expectations of Others

If I had to pick one thing I do which in turn causes me the most grief in my life…it would be having expectations of others.  I’m frequently disappointed when I think someone will act one way and they inside act a completely different.  Because I know having these expectations causes me so much pain, […]

Asking For Help

Being single means I have no shortage of times when I need help for one thing or another.  The big problem…I HATE ASKING FOR HELP.  I know some people think I don’t ask for help because I don’t want to appear “weak”.  That is not the case at all.  Don’t get me wrong…I have other […]