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There is Only One Thing Worse Than Spending Christmas Alone…

Having moved away from family in 1998, I’ve spent many Christmas’s alone.  I’ve also spent many Christmas’s with other people and their families.  And, that brings me to what is worse than spending Christmas alone…yep, spending it with other people’s families. I’ll be the first to acknowledge that this may not be the case for […]

McDonalds for Thanksgiving…why you ask…

Being single and far from family poses many dilemmas during the holiday season.  Travel to family…accept an invite to hang with someone else’s family…host your own “singles” party…or, spend the holiday alone. My parents left Monday morning after spending two weeks at my house helping after my recent knee surgery (so grateful for their help).  […]

Eating Alone

Today I tried to temp three different co-workers into having lunch with me.  Its gray outside and I just felt like sitting down and having a relaxing meal.  It turned out that they were too busy or already had plans. Eating alone is something I’ve become used to.  It’s part of living my life on […]