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Loving vs. Liking

I’m on a 9+ week vacation.  For the beginning my best friend is with me the first week and my parents are with me the first two weeks.  All I’ve been able to think about these first few days is “boy, I wish I wouldn’t have invited anyone to go with me”.  It’s been a […]

Thankful Thursday: Autumn has Arrived

Once again Thursday has rolled around and this week I’m thankful for AUTUMN.  Summer is the obvious choice for most when it comes to picking a favorite season, but for me Autumn wins the top spot. I don’t always love the rain that Autumn brings in Western Washington, but on days when the sun is […]

Thankful Thursday: Pets Make the Perimeter Life Joyful

As I was sitting here thinking about my topic for Thankful Thursday, I couldn’t help but think of my dogs.  Especially since my youngest little guy had knee surgery and just came back home today.  Being single can be very lonely.  Aside from human company (and I even question that at times), there is nothing […]