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Getting the Message

How long does it take to get the message that someone doesn’t appreciate a friendship as much as you do?  For me the answer is way too long.  I’m persistent…or, stubborn…and, even though I try hard I have expectations/hopes of others. I have a “friend” who has disappointed me so many times and yet I […]

Driving Away

I assume that if I think/feel a certain way that’s it’s unlikely I’m alone in that thought/feeling.  “Driving away” is something I don’t talk about with anyone, but I’ve decided “why not air one of my deepest secrets here…in this very public forum” to test my theory that I’m not alone in this thought. There […]

Being Stood Up

Over the years I’ve had my fair share of being “stood up”.  A couple of time it’s been by men who were supposed to meet me for dates, but in all honesty it’s when a dear girlfriend stands me up that I am the most sad.  Since moving to Washington I have struggled to make […]