Monthly Archives: December 2012

Food I’m Saying Good-by to in 2013

I know there are plenty of critics that think going cold turkey on several things at one time is bad.  Luckily I don’t care what they think.  😉  I’m not a super fanatic about most of these things, so I’m guess (or maybe just hoping) it won’t be too bad. Soda I usually only drink soda […]

2012 on My Perimeter Life

Even though I only began this blog in September it seems much longer.  I’ve been thinking about this subject for a very long time.  I’ve often felt the need to explain myself as a “single person” and how it made me feel…which frequently feels like being on the “perimeter” of things. The only thing consistent […]

There is Only One Thing Worse Than Spending Christmas Alone…

Having moved away from family in 1998, I’ve spent many Christmas’s alone.  I’ve also spent many Christmas’s with other people and their families.  And, that brings me to what is worse than spending Christmas alone…yep, spending it with other people’s families. I’ll be the first to acknowledge that this may not be the case for […]