Food I’m Saying Good-by to in 2013

I know there are plenty of critics that think going cold turkey on several things at one time is bad.  Luckily I don’t care what they think.  😉  I’m not a super fanatic about most of these things, so I’m guess (or maybe just hoping) it won’t be too bad.


I usually only drink soda because it’s convenient when I want something cold to drink.  And by convenient, I mean our company supplies it (I never buy soda).  A stroke of luck recently came my way…I’ve been reassigned to a different building within the company.  The new building only has Coke products and since I’m a Pepsi girl I won’t be tempted.  The new building also has an ice machine.  Previously the only ice available was in trays that people filled occasionally.  I’m not a germ-a-phob, but I definitely have trust issues and will not use ice unless I know whose hands touched it.  So, with the ice machine in the new building I can now make fresh ice tea at work.  Quite frankly, plain (not fruity) unsweetened ice tea is my absolute favorite drink!!!

Morning Croissant

Once again, this was based on convenience.  Prior to my knee surgery I was making myself a quick breakfast at home or taking something to work with me.  Post knee surgery my energy was zapped and I lost all desire to cook at home.  I like my morning croissant, but I don’t love it and therefore it will be easy to lose.

Fast Food

I know YUCK.  Yes, I do occasionally (or more than occasionally lately) eat fast food.  I have no good excuse for it.  Lately my knee has been the bad excuse.  I’ve left fast food before and feel confident I can do it again.


Here is where it starts getting hard.  I LOVE cheese.  My goal here will be to cut back.  I’d love to say I’m going to ditch it all together, but I’d be lying.  I am going to cut it from nearly a daily indulgence to hopefully once a week or maybe less if things go well.  Someone might wonder why I would cut back on something I love.  Well, I suspect that I’ve become a bit lactose intolerant over the years.  I don’t know for sure, but now is a good time to find out.

Processed Food

This is the big one and it will not happen overnight.  Back in October I gave up processed food.  I lost a few pounds, but better than that I felt great.  I am not a nutritional expert so I’m not going to go into the goods and bads of processed foods.  A quick internet search will point you to plenty of people who think they are experts.  I just know I felt better and that is good enough for me.  Another side affect…I found out that I actually enjoy cooking dinner after a long day if it was all planned out ahead of time.

What About You

What are you giving up for 2013 (food or otherwise)?


Let me know what you think...

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