Thankful Thursday: Gratitude Jars

Thankful Thursday is back!!!

Today I want to share a project I did as New Year’s gifts.  Originally, I was just going to make one for myself, but I thought maybe some of my closest friends, Mom, and Sister would enjoy one as well.  Gratitude Jars are nothing new…at least not according to Pinterest…I saw plenty of ideas there.

My wish for the end of the year is to gather my friends together and read from our jars while enjoying a lazy morning brunch.


  • Paper Cutter (borrowed)
  • Hole Punch (already had)
  • Printer (I probably didn’t need to list this one)



  • Round Labels ($9.99…this is WAY more than I needed)
  • Card Stock (approximately $5-$10…for more than what I needed)
  • Marker/Pen (varies)
  • Twine (300 feet for $5.99…again, WAY more than I needed, but I can always use twine)
  • Construction Paper (500 count for $10.54)
  • Quart Jars ($1-3 each…depending on what you buy…bought as a case lower end; bought at a craft store on the higher end)

Prep Work

The first step I took was cutting the construction paper into smaller pieces that could be used to write each day’s Lots of Paper Piecesgratitude.  I didn’t notice that any of the Lots of Paper Pieces
suggestions on Pinterest included supplying the small pieces of paper, but I didn’t want my friends and family having to track down something to write on.

I won’t lie…this was tedious since you need 365 pieces of paper per jar.  The ream of 500 count construction paper yielded about enough for 13 jars.


Printing Instructions and Labels

I found some instructions online and adjusted them to fit my gift, then I printed them on card stock, cut them out, punched a hole, and tied them on the jars with the twine.

Gratitude Jar Instructions

Finally, I found a nice saying about gratitude/thankfulness, printed them on Avery labels, and adhered them to the front of the jars…

There is Always Something to be Grateful For

The Finished Product

Drumroll please…here is the finished product, which also included a marker/pin inside.  My goal was to include everything they needed to make it as easy as possible for them to be successful.

Gratitude Jar Gratitude Jars




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