Monthly Archives: October 2013

Thankful Thursday: Near Misses

You know why I’m thankful for “near misses”?  Because they are “NEAR misses” and not “hits”. Many days I walk from my office to Starbucks to write and get away at lunch.  The intersection I cross each day is innocent enough.  It’s a fairly busy road, but traffic moves slowly.  And yet, I’ve still had […]

A Hard Time About Time-off

Time off from work is earned.  Seems obvious, right?  But lately I’ve been given a really hard time about my extended vacation.  I’m not sure how people think I’m able to take so much time off (nine weeks), but the answer is “I earned it”. I’ve heard it all… From an human resources employee – […]

Driving Away

I assume that if I think/feel a certain way that’s it’s unlikely I’m alone in that thought/feeling.  “Driving away” is something I don’t talk about with anyone, but I’ve decided “why not air one of my deepest secrets here…in this very public forum” to test my theory that I’m not alone in this thought. There […]

Life Makeover: Emotional Energy Drains

After sitting down and really thinking about it, there are a few tasks in my life that are completely zapping my emotional energy.  None of these tasks are terribly difficult, but I haven’t been able to get them off my “to-do” list in quite some time.  Maybe if I publically acknowledge them, I’ll make some […]

Thankful Thursday: The Power of Kindness

This Thursday I’m thankful for human kindness.  In a world where a lot of us are self -absorbed, it’s important to know that the smallest act of kindness can have a profound impact on someone else’s life. Several months ago I received some frustrating news at work which was going to impact my ability to […]