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Helping my Mom with Technology

I frequently give my parents my electronics when I upgrade to a new model.  Last weekend, I gave my mom a first generation iPad.  It won’t do everything the newer, cooler iPad Air I just got will do.  But for my mom, it’s cool and new. Every time I give her something new, there’s a […]

Driving Away

I assume that if I think/feel a certain way that’s it’s unlikely I’m alone in that thought/feeling.  “Driving away” is something I don’t talk about with anyone, but I’ve decided “why not air one of my deepest secrets here…in this very public forum” to test my theory that I’m not alone in this thought. There […]

Thankful Thursday: My Mom is Near Perfect

Once finished I realized I ramble a lot in this post…but, I think my point will be made. Today, for Thankful Thursday, my mom is on my mind.  I often feel guilty about the close relationship I have with my mom.  I have friends whose relationships are strained.  Today I feel guilty because my dear […]