Thankful Thursday: My Mom is Near Perfect

Once finished I realized I ramble a lot in this post…but, I think my point will be made.

Today, for Thankful Thursday, my mom is on my mind.  I often feel guilty about the close relationship I have with my mom.  I have friends whose relationships are strained.  Today I feel guilty because my dear friend confessed to me, at lunch, that today was the third anniversary of losing her mom.  I was sad for her, but also so incredibly grateful that my mom is still with me.

My Mom’s Perfectness

She’s equally sensitive and strong.  She is not afraid to cry when she is said, but she is a rock when her family needs her.  When my parents lost everything (including their lovely furry child) in a house fire this summer, my dad was not capable to being the rock that we are used to.  My mom was strong beyond belief.  Even though she was the rock that my dad needed she had her moments.  Being sensitive and strong is what I respect most about my mom.

A Little History

My mom was 19 when she got married.  She was almost 20 when I was born and barely 22 when my sister was born.  At 41 her first grandson was born and she had three grandsons by 43.

I on the other hand am 43 years old, single, and never had any children.

Why “Near” Perfect

What makes me add “near” to my mom’s perfectness is the fact that she can’t possibly understand a lot of things that impact my life.  She tries VERY hard to understand…she really wants to understand.  But, when I try to talk to her about things like not having a legacy to leave behind, she just can’t comprehend why I would even care about such a thing.  She has no idea what it feels like to be my age and not have had children.  I hear it in her voice…she really wants to understand and sometimes she even says she does.

I Love Her No Matter

Although are lives are so different no one knows me better than she does.  She is the first person I call with good news, bad news, or anything in between.  I love that she is not just my mom…she is my best friend.


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