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Traveling Alone

I LOVE traveling alone.  This doesn’t mean that I like being alone when I travel.  To me there is a big difference. I’m currently on a trip with a friend.  I’ll be vacationing for three weeks; she goes home after the first week.  And, I’m actually looking forward to her leaving.  It’s not because I […]

Feeling Disappointed

I invited a bunch of friends over to “kick me out of the country” since I leave on my grand adventure exactly one week from today.  I wanted to see my friends one more time before I left.  I’ll miss all of them along with my family and my furry kids (Kinley and Aker).  I […]

Pre-Arranged Marriages

This is not a post with any authority regarding pre-arranged marriages.  I’m far from having much of an understanding of them, but I have some friends who are in pre-arranged marriages and they have broken some of the stereotypes for me.  It’s hard for those that have grown up in the United States to understand […]

Unhelpful Advice

This past week was frustrating.  I’ve had knee issues for a very long time…long enough to have six knee surgeries (five on my left knee and the last three have been back to back).  Needless to say both my surgeon and I are running out of options. The latest issue was my knee locking up […]

Driving Away

I assume that if I think/feel a certain way that’s it’s unlikely I’m alone in that thought/feeling.  “Driving away” is something I don’t talk about with anyone, but I’ve decided “why not air one of my deepest secrets here…in this very public forum” to test my theory that I’m not alone in this thought. There […]