Traveling Alone

I LOVE traveling alone.  This doesn’t mean that I like being alone when I travel.  To me there is a big difference.

I’m currently on a trip with a friend.  I’ll be vacationing for three weeks; she goes home after the first week.  And, I’m actually looking forward to her leaving.  It’s not because I don’t enjoy her, but I’ve become accustomed to traveling alone.  I had these same feelings last year when I traveled for one week with a different friend and two weeks with my parents.  After they all went home I traveled for 7 1/2 weeks by myself.

Sure I did tours and met knew people and some of them I traveled with for several weeks.  It’s just different.  When you travel with friends and people you love there are “conditions” of travel.  When you travel with people you have just met there are no expectations.  I enjoy not having expectations on me.  If I want to do something, I just do it.  When I travel with friends and/or family I feel like I’m always considering them over what I’d really want to do.

Today was a prime example.  I was kind of ho-hum about visiting an iguana conservation center because I’m not a fan of reptiles at all, but my friend wanted to go.  It wasn’t really an inconvenience at all and I’m not sorry that we went because she had a great time.  I however was constantly watching my back so one of those creepy crawlers didn’t jump on me.  I love looking at them…I just don’t want to touch or hold one…and, they encouraged touching and holding…eek!

I’m not alone with these feelings, am I?  Surely there are others who prefer traveling alone???


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