Thankful Thursday: Capturing Dreams via Pinterest

I’m frequently a late adapter of new social networking sites.  I think nearly everyone I knew was already on Facebook by the time I signed up.  Now I couldn’t live without it.  Sometimes it’s the only way I know what is going on in the lives of my family since I live so far away.  But, I was even later when it came to Pinterest and after just a few days of using it I’m totally hooked.

Why you ask?

Before I found Pinterest I kept a MS Word documents with links to websites I wanted to visit in the future.  The problem…I ended up with multiple files and then would forget why I had saved the site.

With Pinterest it’s so easy to categorize sites (into boards) that I like and the short description let’s me document why I like the site.  Here are three of my favorite boards so far:

Travel and Adventure Bucket List

Healthy Food Ideas

Fitness Ideas

Are you on Pinterest?

Who else uses Pinterest?  If you do, check out some of my boards.  If you like them, I’d love new followers.  Or, just send me a link to your boards.  I’m always looking for awesome people and boards to follow.


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