Loving vs. Liking

I’m on a 9+ week vacation.  For the beginning my best friend is with me the first week and my parents are with me the first two weeks.  All I’ve been able to think about these first few days is “boy, I wish I wouldn’t have invited anyone to go with me”.  It’s been a bit rough juggling between my parents and my best friend.  Everyone seems to not quite be having a good time…mostly me.  I was going to be perfectly happy just relaxing these first couple of weeks before my very active adventures in New Zealand and Australia.  Instead, I’m being the single decision maker, the peace maker, and listener of everyone’s complaints.

Today my best friend said “I want to try to find the gals I met yesterday…they were so fun” which made me feel like I wasn’t fun (very frustrating since I was sicker than a dog yesterday and couldn’t go snorkeling with her).  Then she compared me to her husband.  To understand the insult it has to be known that she is separated (has been for quite a long while) from her husband and she rarely, if ever, has anything nice to say about him.

I feel like I’m quite possibly wasting these first two weeks.  It took me forever to earn this much time off work and now it’s becoming tainted.

And even with all this frustration…I still LOVE them all very much…I’m just struggling to LIKE them right now.

I’ve always felt that loving and liking were two different things.  What do you think?


Let me know what you think...

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