Thankful Thursday: Autumn has Arrived

Once again Thursday has rolled around and this week I’m thankful for AUTUMN.  Summer is the obvious choice for most when it comes to picking a favorite season, but for me Autumn wins the top spot.

I don’t always love the rain that Autumn brings in Western Washington, but on days when the sun is shining the air is crisp and clean I’m in love.

I wonder if my love for Autumn is stronger because I come from Alaska.  There are so many things to love about Alaska, but Autumn (or lack of Autumn) is not one of them.  In Alaska the season seem to transition straight from Summer into Winter.  I’ve recently noticed that some of my Alaska friends have posted comments about the temperature already dropping into the 20s at night (yep…that’s below freezing already) on Facebook.

The joke in Alaska is that there are two seasons…Winter and Construction.  And, it’s kind of true.  If there isn’t snow on the road there is heavy equipment repairing it.  I’m not complaining about Alaska.  I’m an Alaska Girl through and through (as my travel blog surely states)…I love Alaska even more than I love Autumn.  But, back to Autumn…

In addition to the crisp air, there are the colors of Autumn.  In no other season does Mother Nature dress herself up in such a colorful blanket.

Here is one of my favorite photos of Autumn (notice the blue skies and colorful leaves).

Do you love Autumn?  What’s your favorite season?


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