Balancing Fitness with Everything Else

On Saturdays I made a goal to write about Food and/or Exercise, but now I’m stumped.  I have nothing exciting to report in the world of healthy food habits and frankly I’ve been so focused on writing that I haven’t been doing much regular exercise lately.  Even my weekly hikes took a back burner the last two weekends (I plan on remedying that this weekend).

So, this made me think…how does one find a perfect balance between getting adequate fitness/exercise in with everything else?  It’s a constant struggle for me.

My most successfully attempts in the past have been exercising at lunch…running, walking, rollerblading.  But, lately I’ve reserved my lunches for writing which is also a top priority for me.

I frequently think I’ll wake up early and get it done first thing in the morning.  Then morning rolls around and I can’t quite get my feet on the ground until the clock hits the magic hour of “oh my gosh if I don’t get up now I won’t make it to work on time”.

And, at night I’m just plain exhausted.  I know part of that is self-induced.  If I was exercising more regularly, then I’d have more energy.

As I write this, I’m realizing I have plenty of excuses and no action.  I should probably heed some of the advice I so freely gave my best friend when she was throwing out excuse after excuse.

I certainly know there are a lot of people busier than I am, so I’m curious how they fit regular fitness/exercise into their lives.

What do you do to get fitness/exercise into your daily schedule?



  1. it has become an early morning ritual for me… too easy to let it slide if i let it wait until after work. if i have a run to do, i do it very early, and then i get on my bike and ride to work. biking to work can’t be beat. but it’s easier to do when you have access to a shower and very quiet roads. when the time change happens (fall back) then trick your mind and keep getting up at the same (physical) time that you were… it’s the simplest time to try to get into an early routine.

    1. Great advice about the time change. I’ll have to give that a try.

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