Life Makeover: My Positive Affirmation

This week’s assignment for Cheryl Richardson’s Life Makeover is all about creating a positive affirmation.  It needs to be posted in a location in which it will be seen regularly.  I’m thinking of posting mine on my bathroom mirror, refrigerator, and in my car.

I’ve chosen a general affirmation because I need to heed this affirmation in several areas of my life…health and fitness, travel and photography, writing and blogging, and even work.

So (drum roll please), here it is…

I’m bold with my decisions.  I choose the right path for myself even if it’s hard.

I can be bold with my…

…health and fitness by doing activities that make me uncomfortable, like difficult hikes, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

…travel and photography by taking workshops and asking lots of questions, by putting my photos up for sale, and by looking into display opportunities.

…writing and blogging by continuing to put myself out there for my blogs and by starting to outline my book ideas.

…work by asking for what I want and finding opportunities to make myself valuable.

What positive affirmation do you want to hold yourself accountable to?


Let me know what you think...

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