McDonalds for Thanksgiving…why you ask…

Being single and far from family poses many dilemmas during the holiday season.  Travel to family…accept an invite to hang with someone else’s family…host your own “singles” party…or, spend the holiday alone.

My parents left Monday morning after spending two weeks at my house helping after my recent knee surgery (so grateful for their help).  Because of their recent visit I didn’t feel like it was necessary for a visit right now, not to mention traveling through airports on crutches didn’t sound like much fun.

A couple of amazing friends invited me to join them, but let’s be honest…what single person wants to spend their holiday watching others be thankful for their family when yours is far away…or, wants to hang out someplace where you know only one other person.  I was grateful for the invites, but I just wasn’t up for being overly social this year.

So, I chose spending my Thanksgiving alone.  Well, not really alone.  I had my amazing dogs to keep me company.  We watched several movies, went through the mail, paid bills, surfed the internet, and many other things that could be done from the comfort of my recliner.

Then I got hungry.  Sure I could have heaved myself out of my recliner and exhausted myself by home cooking something.  But, what would have been the point.  If I wanted a traditional Thanksgiving dinner I could have accepted an invitation and let someone else cook for me.

The answer…drive-thrus.  I started at Starbucks to get my daily “Iced Venti Unsweeted Shaken Well Black Tea”.  Before settling on McDonalds, I cursed town looking for open drive-thrus.  I just assumed they would all be open…NOPE.  So, McDonalds it was.

I came home with my gourmet meal and did more of the same, but I wasn’t done there.  I needed dessert.  After a couple of phone calls, I found out Safeway was open normal hours today…yeah!!!  A quick drive down the hill and I had a yummy piece of carrot cake and ice cream.

Today won’t go down as my most proud food decision day, but it was Thanksgiving none the less.

Did anyone else do anything completely non-traditional for Thanksgiving?  If so, do share.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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