Dreaming Big

Have you ever had a dream so big you were afraid to even think about it? Fearful that if you thought about it too much you’d be disappointed since it seems so impossible? I’ve had one of those kinds of dreams for a long time.

As I write this post I’m worried that I might jinx my dream, so I won’t go into specifics right now. Even though I’m afraid, I still want this dream so bad that I’m finally going to do something about it.

The specifics will be revealed as I work through a very challenging process, but suffice it to say that having this dream come true will change almost everything about my life. Other than believing that my family will still love me, I can’t think of anything else that will remain the same as it is today.

I don’t know why I hadn’t decided to “go for it” sooner. I just know I’m at least ready to put energy towards it now. During my upcoming trip, I’ll have time (without work interruptions) to think through all the tiny details of my dream. I don’t expect to come home at the end of January ready to plunge into my life, but I do believe I can come home with a solid action plan.

Ultimately, I have no idea whether or not this dream will work out. The only thing I know for certain is that if I don’t at least move towards it and try, I will have regret later.

So, fear step aside…I’m ready to tackle my dream. Are you ready to tackle your dream?


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