Thankful Thursday: Baking

I rarely bake, but tonight was an exception.  I wanted to bake cookies for my co-workers.  They are the ones that will be covering for me while I’m on my extended vacation and I really appreciate it.

I bake so infrequently that I forget how much I enjoy it.  There is something therapeutic and relaxing about making food from scratch.  It reminds me that I capable of providing for myself.

Then at the end of it all, I remember why I don’t bake very often…I dislike cleaning up.

I here that couples sometimes share the duties…one cooks/bakes and the other cleans up afterwards.  That would be heavenly.  I’d cook or bake every single day if I could avoid the clean-up activities.  Now, where do a find a husband that will enjoying cleaning up after me?  🙂

Do you enjoying baking?  Do you find it therapeutic?


One comment

  1. I love this sweet and simple thankfulness post. I was curious if you’d be interested in adding this Thankful Thursday post to USC School of Social Work’s Gratitude Roundup? We are trying to highlight the importance of being thankful for the simple things–such as baking– since it has such a positive impact on our mental health, relationships and overall wellness. To be included in the roundup all you’d have to do is add the badge linking back to the campaign page. Let me know if you’re interested:


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