February Goals

In January I set three goals and I’m so happy to say that I accomplished all three of them…

Goal: Averaging 10,000 steps per day for the entire month of January.

Result: I did it!!! It was iffy several times during the month. At one point my average fell to under 9,000 steps per day and I almost just gave up, but then I went on a hike January 25th and I got it back into the high 9,000s. That gave me hope, so I tried very hard the last week to make sure I made up the remaining difference to hit my goal. So, the goal was to take 310,000 steps in January…I did 314,813 which averaged out to 10,155 steps per day. My lesson?…don’t give up…EVER!

January StepsOrganized Travel Stuff

Goal: Finish unpacking from my trip to Belize and find a solution for organizing my travel “stuff”.

Result: This one was pretty easy once I got started. The problem is I HATE unpacking so the last few things never make it out of my bag. I’m happy to report I did it and even organized things. There are several things that I only use when I travel and now they are nicely organized in a few small boxes to make the next packing experience easier.


Goal: Complete January Declutter Calendar.

Result: I not only completed it; I slayed it. I completed all the tasks for January over one week early. I even accidentally got a bit head of the 365 challenge. I’m very happy with the results. A lot of stuff went in the donation pile and even more went into the garage sale pile. Clearing clutter has freed space in my brain too. I function much better in organized environment.  I’m going to have a follow-up post later this month about some of my decluttering and organizing.

Yep…January was a great month, but there are eleven more months to go and I hope to make the rest of them equally successful.


I plan to continue putting an emphasis on walking and hiking and the 365 day declutter challenge, but I want to set four more goals for February.

  • I want to start seeds for my garden. This will be the first year that I start my entire garden from seed. To do that, I need to get started in February, especially considering the mild winter we’ve had in Western Washington. I ordered Heirloom 100% Organic Vegetable Garden Seeds containing over 50 seed varieties (9,500+ seeds). I won’t be planting all the seeds; they should keep for several years and there is even a guarantee that they will.
  • I want to create a home maintenance and repair list. I bought my house ten years ago and it’s time to do a thorough assessment of some things. I want to make a list for every room, so that I can start chipping away at things. The good news is…I don’t know of any big issues, so this is just about “keeping it nice”.
  • I want to watch less TV at least in my bedroom, so I’m going to commit to no TV in my bedroom Monday through Thursday nights. I’m giving myself a break on the weekends. This will be a tough one because I like to set the sleep mode and fall asleep to the TV, but it’s probably not good for me.
  • I want to make sure I eat fruits and/or vegetables with every single meal. I don’t think I’ve been getting enough fruits and veggies, so I want to try something new.

Again, these all seem doable but challenging.


Do you have any goals for February?


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