Thoughts to Share

I’m progressing through my January goals quite nicely, but I have some observations to share…

  • Although I enjoy decluttering, I hate cleaning.
  • Although I enjoy purging, I hate trying to sell my used stuff.
  • Although I enjoy (or at least don’t mind) doing laundry, I hate putting it away.

The funny thing is that the cleaning, selling, and putting away aren’t more effort than the decluttering, purging, and laundry.  I wonder why I enjoy some tasks and hate others even when the effort is quite similar.

I’m starting to think I’m a “starter” and not really a “finisher”.  I say this in jest because I eventually do clean, sell things, and put away my laundry.  Obviously…or, my house would be unlivable (and it’s far from that…thank goodness).

Another (unrelated) thing I’ve noticed is that I become quite lazy during the winter months.  I made a goal of walking 10K steps average per day.  When I set that goal, I was really certain I would hit it (and I still might) but it hasn’t been easy.  I find lots of reasons not to walk.  During the summer months I frequently average 15K steps a day and at times much more.  I know it’s partly the weather, but it’s also partly my mindset.

Anyway, these were some thoughts that have entered my mind as January is progressed.  I actually can’t wait to share the results of my goals (especially the declutter goals).

What about you?

Are there things you enjoy and things you hate even though the effort is quite similar?


Let me know what you think...

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