2014 Bucket List

I stole the idea of creating a yearly bucket list from Lesley at Bucket List Publications.  She creates a bucket list each year not because she’s dieing, but because she wants to live (her words).  I really enjoy watching her move through her bucket list each year and mine will pale in comparison, but one day I hope mine has as many adventures on it as hers does.  So, here is my 2014 bucket list (a couple are already completed).

Travel and Adventure

  1. Backpack camping at least once.
  2. Travel to Croatia.
  3. Travel New Orleans.
  4. Travel Belize.


  1. Skydive.  Done January 19, 2014 in Cairns, Australia.
  2. Whitewater raft.
  3. Stand-up paddle board.
  4. Sea kayak.
  5. Flying trapeze.
  6. Snow shoe.

Self Improvement

  1. Personal training.
  2. Exercise at least three days a week.
  3. Bike and hike monthly.
  4. Get to goal weight.  Trying to start.
  5. Eliminate dairy for at least one month.
  6. Eliminate meat for at least one week.
  7. Eliminate processed food for at least four weeks throughout year.
  8. Try a new food at least once a week starting in February.
  9. Go on dates.
  10. Eliminate eating out for at least one week a month starting in February.
  11. Find and practice effective skin regiment.
  12. Write a thank you note at least once a month starting in February.
  13. See a natural path.
  14. Take vitamins.
  15. Create a five-year plan.

Learning (Physical Activities)

  1. Learn how to properly throw a frisbee.
  2. Learn to properly throw a football.
  3. Learn to play tennis.
  4. Learn to swim better.
  5. Get scuba re-certified.
  6. Learn how to free dive gracefully.

Learning (Non-Physical Activities)

  1. Get 10 PUDs for my Project Management Professional certification.  Done as of February 21, 2014.
  2. Take Spanish lessons.
  3. Take piano lessons.
  4. Take an art class.
  5. Take a writing class/seminar.
  6. Take a photography class/seminar.
  7. Read four books.

Kinley and Aker (my dogs)

  1. Kinley and Aker to obedience classes.
  2. Find a permanent solution for Kinley and Aker to stay home alone.

Home Improvement and Organization

  1. Plant a garden.
  2. Fix wall in formal living room.
  3. Clean and organize garage permanently.
  4. Get rid of at least one piano.
  5. Eliminate material things.  Make a list of unnecessary items and start getting rid of them.


  1. Payoff car.
  2. <<too personal to post online>>


  1. Target practice.
  2. Post for Alaska Girl at least once a week.
  3. Post for My Life on the Perimeter once a week starting in February.

Do you have a bucket list (resolutions, goals, etc) for this year?  We are nearly two months into 2014…how is it going?



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