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No Words

I keep a list of ideas I want to write about.  I have some great ideas on that list right now.  I’m even excited to write about them.  The problem is, I can’t come up with the words to express myself. I have a huge advantage to my “loss of words” problem for my travel, […]

Thankful Thursday: TripIt

I almost made a critical error when planning my upcoming vacation.  It all started with what I thought was a 12-hour layover in Tokyo.  I was researching what I wanted to do since sitting in the airport for 12 hours did not sound like fun to me and I’d never been there before.  After some […]

Pre-Arranged Marriages

This is not a post with any authority regarding pre-arranged marriages.  I’m far from having much of an understanding of them, but I have some friends who are in pre-arranged marriages and they have broken some of the stereotypes for me.  It’s hard for those that have grown up in the United States to understand […]

Dreaming Big

Have you ever had a dream so big you were afraid to even think about it? Fearful that if you thought about it too much you’d be disappointed since it seems so impossible? I’ve had one of those kinds of dreams for a long time. As I write this post I’m worried that I might […]

I’m Scared and Excited

I actually posted this on my Travel and Adventure blog today, but thought it was fitting here as well. This weekend I passed the two week mark leading up to my grand adventure.  In only have 12 days until I board the plane for Belize and won’t return home until I’ve been to Belize, Japan, […]