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Helping my Mom with Technology

I frequently give my parents my electronics when I upgrade to a new model.  Last weekend, I gave my mom a first generation iPad.  It won’t do everything the newer, cooler iPad Air I just got will do.  But for my mom, it’s cool and new. Every time I give her something new, there’s a […]

Feeling Disappointed

I invited a bunch of friends over to “kick me out of the country” since I leave on my grand adventure exactly one week from today.  I wanted to see my friends one more time before I left.  I’ll miss all of them along with my family and my furry kids (Kinley and Aker).  I […]

Pre-Arranged Marriages

This is not a post with any authority regarding pre-arranged marriages.  I’m far from having much of an understanding of them, but I have some friends who are in pre-arranged marriages and they have broken some of the stereotypes for me.  It’s hard for those that have grown up in the United States to understand […]

Helping When You Don’t Understand

I have a friend that struggles with depression.  She recently had to take a leave of absence from work because of it.  A recent text message exchange with her reveled that she has mixed state bipolar.  I hardly understand bipolar and definitely do not understand mixed state bipolar.  From what I’ve found on Wikipedia it […]

Being Stood Up

Over the years I’ve had my fair share of being “stood up”.  A couple of time it’s been by men who were supposed to meet me for dates, but in all honesty it’s when a dear girlfriend stands me up that I am the most sad.  Since moving to Washington I have struggled to make […]