April Goals

I’m not going to pretend that I’m good at this “setting goals each month” thing.  I do enjoy revisiting my goals once month.  I get the opportunity to decide if they were the right goals to set.  It also breaks the trend of my revisiting my list once a year.  It gives me the opportunity to reset and do what needs to be done instead of doing something I decided needed to get done twelve months ago.

With that out of the way, here is how I did on my March goals and my goals for April.

Goal:  Plan my garden.

Result:  I did this…finally.  I worked on it throughout the month, but didn’t finish it until yesterday.  It’s still a win in my opinion.  It’s done!  I’ll admit it…it’s a plan only its creator will really understand, but I’m the only one who needs to understand it, right?

Garden Plan

Goal:  Spring clean my yard.

Result:  Pretty much done.  Keeping the weeds down, the grass alive, and the yard in generally good shape is an ongoing effort.  But, the weeds are cleared from the garden area, the moss is gone from the yard, and the yard has been reseeded as needed.  That’s good enough for me.  Planting the garden is next.

Goal:  Distribute donations that are lying around.

Result:  Mixed.  I donated some electronics and got rid of a couple more things.  I still have some old glasses to drop off and I plan on doing that today.  The last two donations require mailing, so I’ve placed them in my car putting me one step closer.


This month is all about surviving.  That sounds a bit dramatic, but I’ve taken on a few projects that I plan on working on during April.  It’s unlikely I’ll finish either of these major projects therefore it’s hard to put them down as goals, but here goes.

  • I got an amazing offer from a writing course I started a few years ago, but never completed.  It’s a long story and something I’ll try to share at a later date.  The end result is that I’m restarting my travel writing course at Matador U.  I’m very excited about this and am committing to giving it a solid go.  I won’t finish in April, but I’ll try to make it through chapter 3.
  • I need to get my garden planted.  I’m so lucky.  My mom is coming to visit (her and my dad will be here tomorrow).  The lucky part is that she’s got an amazing green thumb and I’m almost certain she’ll help me get my garden planted.  I LOVE her!!!!
  • My house needs to get painted.  I got two estimates for the work and although I have the money, I just find the estimates outrageous.  I’m not looking forward to painting a 2400 square foot house, with vaulted ceilings in two sections, by myself.  But, it has to be done.  I’ve got a couple of friends who said they would help, but I’m not counting on that because a lot of people will volunteer for things like this, but few actually follow through (maybe that’s just my experience).  This project will not be done in April either, but I’m hoping to get at least one room painted (note:  I’d try for more, but my parents will be here for a week and then I’m road-tripping to Alaska with them for a week.  That will take up a big chunk of the month.)

Better late than never.  Wish me luck this month…I’ll need it!


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