Red Velvet Cupcakes…My Nemesis

I LOVE red velvet cupcakes especially the brand they carry at my local grocery store.  They are amazing, but they are also my dieting nemesis.  I’m not exaggerating…according to Google’s definition “nemesis” is the perfect description.

The inescapable agent of someone’s or something’s downfall.

Ok…maybe they are “escapable” but it’s hard…very, very hard.  I have no willpower when they are in my sight.  Even when they are not in my sight they pull me towards the grocery store like gravity pulls objects towards earth.

And, once I have them in my hands the convenient 4-pack becomes not so convenient…I want to (and honestly sometimes do) eat all four in one sitting.  I can’t believe I just admitted that.  The grocery store used to be really bad about keeping them in stock which was a good thing…for me.  But lately they are always there.  If I don’t intentionally avoid walking near the bakery, I’m doomed.

I’m working very hard to break my addiction obsession with these red morsels of yumminess.  It’s a battle that I loose frequently, but I hope that one day I will win the red velvet cupcake war.

Do you have any food obsessions?  How do you fight your urges?


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