Life Makeover: My “Absolute Yes” List

The idea behind an “absolute yes” list is not only to know what tasks to spend my time on, but to also know what I should be saying “no” to.  Basically, if it’s not important enough to make the “absolute yes” list it’s not important enough to spend time doing or thinking about.

I really struggled to come up with my list.  Narrowing down “what’s important to me” to a few items seemed impossible, but once I realized this is different than goals or resolutions it was much easier.  I don’t know if this is how everyone would come up with their list, but I was very careful to make my list generic and not follow the “SMART” (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) process that I’ve learned in my career as a project/program manager.  Some of the “SMART” principles applied, but not all of them.  By the way, “SMART” is an excellent process to follow for goal or resolution setting.

I didn’t want my “absolute yes” list to be overly specific, measurable, or time-bound (since I already have goals for that purpose), but it did need to be attainable and relevant.

Here are the “yeses” that I’ve chosen to focus on (at least for the next 3-6 months).

  • Health and Fitness (weight)
  • Debt Free
  • Independent Income
  • Blogging and Writing
  • Photography
  • Travel Frequently

Do you have an “absolute yes” list (even if you don’t call it that)?  If so, how has it helped you?  If not, would you consider making one?


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