Fit Bit Step Challenge

September 1st marked the end of a nine week step challenge at work.  For the challenge we chose to be on either a two-person or three-person team and virtually walk between San Francisco, California and Phoenix, Arizona.

Because I’m competitive (and a co-worker persuaded me) I signed up for a two-person team.  To make our goal of finishing we had to average 12,222 steps per day each (teams with three people had to average 8,148 steps per day).

Our company provided Fit Bits for this challenge.  They are a great device that tracks step counts, miles, calories burned, and flights of stairs.  On their website you can sync the Fit Bit, track weight, food consumed, and other activities.

The challenge began on July 1st.  Since 4th of July was that Thursday and I was planning on taking Friday off as well, I setup a challenge for myself in that very first week.  I decided to hike four days in a row.  With those hikes I ended up walking 132,750 steps that week, which averaged to just under 19,000 per day.  A great start.  Since that week my steps per week were between 56,377 and 111,562 (the lower number happened during a time week in which I was fighting a kidney stone…not bad).

I kept my average way above the needed 12,222 per day and so did my walking partner.  We virtually made it to Phoenix, Arizona more than a week earlier than the intended end date (as did several other teams).  Of the two person teams, we came in 7th place and individually I came in 75 for the entire company.  I walked 883,522 steps in those nine weeks.

I loved this challenge.  Partly because I love anything competitive and partly because my knee held up (I’ve had knee surgery six times…three in the last three years).  I feel proud.

I will continue to track steps using my Fit Bit and I’ll definitely be taking it on my epic adventure to Belize, New Zealand, and Australia starting in November.

Have you ever participated in a step challenge?  Did you enjoy it?

Happy stepping!!!


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