Perimeter Introduction

For a long time I’ve had the idea of a blog/book regarding “My Life on the Perimeter”.  It all started several years ago when I heard “you should only purchase food items from the perimeter of the grocery store” eluding to the fact that most of the fresh items are there.  I’m sure the quote isn’t exact…it’s been too long.  And, I’m not sure where I heard it.  But, it makes sense.  That’s where the fresh meats, eggs, fruits, veggies, etc. are located.  I guess that maybe the wines and bakery items are not necessarily included in this train of thought, but maybe they should be.  😉

Several years after hearing that statement, I started to think about the fact that I live my life on the perimeter in many ways.  I never got married, never had kids, live alone (except for my dogs), live far from family, I frequently travel alone…and on and on.

Jump ahead several more years and here I am starting a blog about “IT”.

Internet Search

I thought I should perform an internet search to see what comes up on the subject.  So to Bing I went and typed “my life on the perimeter”.  As with any internet search many pages of results came up, but surprisingly none were close to this topic.  Here were the top five (ok…only four are listed because the first one came up twice).

Note…links above are provided to illustrate my search results and not necessarily meant as a promotion of any of these sites or their content.


Anyone that happens to stumble across this blog will soon realize that I like Wikipedia.  I find it a quick source of information (although I usually make sure I do other research too).

The first sentence on Wikipedia about Perimeter

  • A perimeter is a path that surrounds an area.

Perfect…that’s what this blog will be about…

  • The path that surrounds my area (my life).

What to Expect

For now, expectations should remain low.  I just want so capture some of my thoughts, trials, tribulations, and possibly even successes of living life on the perimeter.  Some of it might be useful or even entertaining…all of it will be real.

My Other Blogging Endeavors

If you want to see two things that I’m SUPER passionate about, check out my travel and photography blog:


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