Monthly Archives: November 2013

I Almost Lost my Sense of Humor Today

I’m sure that my posts recently have indicated my stress level…high.  Today I got an email on the way to work and the subject said “another XXX issue”.  All I’ve been doing for the last month, as I try to prepare for my trip, is resolve existing “issues”.  I’m not having much luck wrapping up […]

Already Missing Them

I leave home for 9 weeks this Saturday.  I have a lot to do between now and then.  Most of what I have left to do is stressful last minute details.  I have to get all my year-end work projects wrapped up by Friday and at home I have to do just about everything. Schedule […]

New Customer Service

I’ve noticed lately that customer service agents are overly friendly.  Tonight I had to make several calls in preparation of my upcoming trip.  In nearly all cases, the customer service agents attempted to engage me in idle chit-chat.  When did that become a customer service “standard operating procedure”?  Tonight isn’t the first time I’ve noticed, […]

Helping my Mom with Technology

I frequently give my parents my electronics when I upgrade to a new model.  Last weekend, I gave my mom a first generation iPad.  It won’t do everything the newer, cooler iPad Air I just got will do.  But for my mom, it’s cool and new. Every time I give her something new, there’s a […]

Feeling Disappointed

I invited a bunch of friends over to “kick me out of the country” since I leave on my grand adventure exactly one week from today.  I wanted to see my friends one more time before I left.  I’ll miss all of them along with my family and my furry kids (Kinley and Aker).  I […]